Boathouse Repair & Restoration

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Boathouse Repair & Restoration

Adirondack Building Restoration Services has the ability to repair new boathouses or restore historical boathouses. We offer many options for boathouses, boathouse foundations and boathouse foundation repair and restoration Our team will travel the entire state of New York and are fully equipped to handle your boathouse repairs and restoration. Whether your boathouse has sustained damage from ice, wind or age, we can plan and design and repair within local and state permitting. From historical or modern, to residential or commercial, we have worked on all types of boathouse repair.

Boathouse Repair and Replacement

Is my boathouse beyond repair?

Many times your boathouse can be repaired with the right tools and knowledge. Adirondack Building Restoration can help you with all phases of your boathouse repair needs. We will do a full assessment of your historical building and fully explain whether or not we can repair the structure. If a repair cannot be made, we will come up with a detailed site plan & rebuild process. With our experience servicing foundation repairs and crib dock repairs & restoration, we have the capabilities to translate that working knowledge into your structure on the water!

Boathouse Repair & Restoration Services:

  • Foundation repair
  • Complete foundation restoration
  • Historical & new build repairs
  • Fully enclosed boathouses
  • Rustic Adirondack boathouses
  • Sundeck style boathouses
  • Traditional open-sided boathouses

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Prompt estimate, great crew, quality work, all within the announced schedule, thorough cleanup afterward. What else can we ask for?

Jacques L.

Syracuse, NY

Prompt estimate, great crew

Prompt estimate, great crew, quality work, all within the announced schedule, thorough cleanup afterward. What else can we ask for?


Very pleased with the work. Done in a timely manner. Very prompt. Very competitive with other competitors.


I can be a difficult customer. I wanted special colored stone in my walkway that is not always easy to find. Matt went out of his way to be sure that I got exactly what I wanted.

Piers, Jacking, Supporting, and Levelling

In the grand scheme of things my project close to the shore of Fourth Lake was small. Installing over 15 piers, jacking, supporting, and levelling a 100 year old camp, in preparation for a second floor addition. I am a bit particular and have high standards, just the kind of guy contractors like dealing with (hmmm). I talked with several contractors regarding my project, and am so glad I was able to get ABR to do the work. Matt and his team have the experience, know-how, and confident attitude to tackle projects much, much more complicated than mine.

The work performed exceeded my expectations, came in “on budget”, and was completed in a timely manner. The crew on site were friendly, professional, organized, and very conscientious about how they went about their work.

If your structure needs foundation repair/replacement etc., say a little prayer that ABR can fit you in their schedule. They are THE BEST at this type of work.

- John Capecelatro