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Structural Jacking & Leveling

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Structural Jacking & Leveling

Structural jacking & leveling are common solutions to foundation problems that may arise with your property. Adirondack Building Restoration’s goal is to help you protect your investment by providing a full examination of your foundation. With older structures, the integrity of the building can be riddled with a myriad of problems. Many times, the sills and piers are rotting, sinking or cracking, which can lead to sinking floors or cracking walls. Examining your foundation is key in diagnosing and proper remediation. Our Structural Jacking & Leveling techniques will ensure that your property is structurally sound and safe for years to come. Our team will install engineered wood or steel beams and replace existing supports or install additional supports to jack your building back to a level position.

Structural JAcking and Leveling

Structural Alterations We Can Accommodate:

  • Conversions, expansions and modifications to buildings
  • Interior and exterior wall removal/replacement
  • Structural reinforcing of existing structures or additions
  • Basement enclosures
  • Porch & balcony repair or replacement
  • Fire, storm, insect damage
  • Code violation remediation
  • Beam, column & footing repair or replacement
  • Lintel replacement

Common issues include:

  • Bowing foundation walls
  • Settlement & cracking
  • Sinking floors over crawl spaces

Symptoms to look out for:

  • Uneven / sloping floors
  • Cracking floors
  • Cracks in interior/exterior walls
  • Hard to open windows & doors
  • Sagging floors
  • Tilting/cracking chimneys

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Prompt estimate, great crew, quality work, all within the announced schedule, thorough cleanup afterward. What else can we ask for?

Jacques L.

Syracuse, NY

Prompt estimate, great crew

Prompt estimate, great crew, quality work, all within the announced schedule, thorough cleanup afterward. What else can we ask for?


Very pleased with the work. Done in a timely manner. Very prompt. Very competitive with other competitors.


I can be a difficult customer. I wanted special colored stone in my walkway that is not always easy to find. Matt went out of his way to be sure that I got exactly what I wanted.

Piers, Jacking, Supporting, and Levelling

In the grand scheme of things my project close to the shore of Fourth Lake was small. Installing over 15 piers, jacking, supporting, and levelling a 100 year old camp, in preparation for a second floor addition. I am a bit particular and have high standards, just the kind of guy contractors like dealing with (hmmm). I talked with several contractors regarding my project, and am so glad I was able to get ABR to do the work. Matt and his team have the experience, know-how, and confident attitude to tackle projects much, much more complicated than mine.

The work performed exceeded my expectations, came in “on budget”, and was completed in a timely manner. The crew on site were friendly, professional, organized, and very conscientious about how they went about their work.

If your structure needs foundation repair/replacement etc., say a little prayer that ABR can fit you in their schedule. They are THE BEST at this type of work.

- John Capecelatro

foundation pier installation and repair

It is my pleasure to recommend Adirondack Building Restoration to everyone for foundation pier installation and repair. They corrected a sagging lake-house to level with a new complete foundation piers system to code. Matt is a knowledgeable and honest contractor. He was a please to work with throughout the entire experience. In addition to offering among the most reasonable estimates, he understood what needed to be done, and knew how to do it. From the beginning, he obtained the required building permit to scheduling the work, to job completion, Matt and his crew were professional and considerate. I highly recommend Adirondack Building Restoration because they have the experience necessary for this sort of work and it shows. We’re very satisfied customers.

- Best regards, Nick and Bonnie

foundation and structural repair

I needed to get my lake house foundation that had structural issues checked out and my town codes officer recommended Adirondack Building restoration. Matt was very professional, responsive and able to recommend a repair solution for our failing foundation pier system which fit our budget and timeline. The work was scheduled and completed by a great crew that were professional, considerate and cleaned up afterwards. Quality work, highly recommended and exceeded our expectations!

- Gail T.


I would happily recommend Adirondack Building Restoration. I have a home in the Hudson Valley with significant structural deterioration. ABRs work showed a high level of workmanship and was completed in a timely manner and at a fair price. Matt is easy to communicate with. He and his crew are conscientious and attentive to customer satisfaction.

- Peter Fishbein


I am so very pleased with the outcome of my foundation replacement project! Not only did your team complete the job in short order, but it's better than it was when it was originally built!

The ABR team was so very careful and detail-oriented. Thanks again for a wonderful, efficient, high quality, and affordably priced job!!

- Kelly Bolton

Timely, Efficient & Knowledgeable!

I contacted ABR Inc. with the goal of saving a building on my property. That task was completed in a timely and efficient manner. The work crew was competent, knowledgeable, efficient and always willing to confer with me whenever I had questions or suggestions. It was a pleasure to deal with them.

- R. Larson